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Brake Service in Berwick!

Your local Brake Expert, keeping your car safe and reliable!

Brakes are such an important part of your car’s safety and performance that they should never be taken for granted. There’s a lot more than just the brake pads and it’s vital that you get the entire braking system checked regularly to ensure your safety.

In our brake repair service, we carry out thorough inspection and repairs on brake fluid, brake hoses, brake drums/discs, brake pads/linings, brake stopping distances and brake master cylinder. All our brake service is carried out in-house with state-of-art equipment on-and-off brake lathes.

With years of experience, our highly trained and experienced brake specialist has the knowledge and skills to ensure your vehicles long life for the years to come. Our experienced team conducts the comprehensive inspection of the entire braking system and can advise you on the necessary brake service. With us you can be at complete peace of mind as we only use the spare parts from the most trusted brands and all our work is carried out with utmost professionalism and proficiency.

Committed to providing our clients with the highest level of brake service in Berwick, we strive hard to ensure the safety of the Berwick car owners. You can trust our skilled technicians to maintain the quality of your brake pads and braking system.

If your car needs its brakes checked or is due for a service, call us on (03) 9796 3637 to book your car repair service!

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