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Your Expert Clutch Service in Berwick!

Clutch is responsible for engaging the engine’s power and delivering it through the gearbox. Over time, the clutch plates will wear and require replacement. At Hallam Road Automotive, we offer reliable and cost-effective clutch repair solutions for all the makes and models of the car. Our expert mechanics will repair your vehicle’s clutch using leading components from some of the most trusted brands.

Whether your clutch is engaging/disengaging, your vehicle is slipping out of gear or you are noticing a burnt toast smell in your car, there might be a possibility that there are clutch issues. The best way to deal with clutch problems is to give us a call at Hallam Road Automotive.

Our range of clutch service includes:

  • Clutch rebuilding and repairs
  • Flywheel grinding
  • Clutch plate relining
  • Clutch hydraulic repairs
  • Clutch servo repairs for heavy vehicles

Our experts are fully trained and experienced and with the state-of-art tools and the most technologically advanced equipment in our workshop, we can repair, maintain and service your car with the utmost precision and efficiency. We also stock a full range of clutches for both local and European makes.

Clutch problems are difficult to diagnose as several issues can cause the clutch issues. So, we use only the latest diagnostic tools to thoroughly inspect your car for the issues and fix them with the fastest turnaround time and at the competitive prices.

To ensure your clutch is in premium condition, consult the experts at Hallam Road Automotive. To book your car service, call (03) 9796 3637

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