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Clutch Service in Hampton Park

Keep your vehicle in peak condition by having your clutch inspected at regular intervals!

Same as brake and tires, clutch also wears out! When it’s totally worn, your transmission won’t be able to engage its gears and leaving you with an immobile car.

Therefore, clutch repair or replacement must be performed with extreme care to make sure the correct protection of the transmission. We at Hallam Road Automotive are the well-known clutch service provider in Hampton Park, responsible for providing reliable clutch service and repair.

Our efficient services incorporate the full range of clutch repair and servicing, along with this we are also experts in clutch adjustments for all makes and models of cars. What sets us apart from others is our attention to detail and pride of workmanship that delivers into our each and every task.

With our professional team of mechanics, you can relax in terms of accurate clutch repair of your car. The car and safety of your vehicle are something best left to the experts. That’s why we are one of the leading automotive service providers in Hampton Park and surrounding areas.

If your clutch is showing the signs of age and wear let us service it for you before it causes damage to the flywheel or other components. Now the safety of your family is in your hand! Be the one to get the clutch repair service on time or the one who delays in all situations. The decision is yours!!

To guarantee the safety of your family call us now (03) 9796 3637/0410 559 451!

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