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Clutch Service in Narre Warren

Hallam Road Automotive provides the best quality clutch service in the Narre Warren area. We are the number one clutch service provider and can help you maintain your wonderful car in top working condition at all times.

The clutch links the car’s engine to its transmission and as the engine is always running even when the wheels are not turning the clutch has to be able to both link and separate.

The clutch is designed for maximum durability, however, the friction between the clutch plate and the fly wheel wears down the plate over time. When the power train is subjected to heavy strains on a regular basis the clutch may wear our quite easily.

Our clutch service is performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for clutch repair or clutch replacement. There are signs with the vehicle performance which hint that there is a problem with the clutch including poor mileage, trouble climbing, clutch can’t be adjusted or clutch feeling still.

The cost of the repair of the clutch or its replacement depends on several factors and the extent of the problem which the clutch has. Our experienced technicians can review and diagnose clutch repair or replacement issues in the early stages to save money and get your vehicle back to top performance.

We like to follow good work ethics and always deliver services of the highest standards never compromising on the quality. For additional information about our car mechanic services in Narre Warren area please feel free to get in touch with us today!

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