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Roadworthy Certificate in Cranbourne

Have you finally determined to sell your car? But wait; is your vehicle roadworthy?

A roadworthy certificate which is also referred as safety certificate is one of the most essential aspects to have in preparing to sell your car.

We at Hallam Road Automotive can help you with a roadworthy certificate in Cranbourne. With a proper technique, we are able to analyse quick faults or problems which save you lots of money and time.

Having several years of experience we have developed a status for skilled car service, and repairs so that you can ensure safety while driving on the road. Adding to it, our roadworthy test standards are issued by VicRoads. As a licensed roadworthy tester, Hallam Road Automotive performs car safety tests to issue roadworthy certificate for the cars owned by our clients in Cranbourne.

What is been inspected while roadworthy inspection?

The inspection is a check of the vehicle to make sure that key components like wheels and tyres, steering, suspension and braking systems, seats and seat belts, lamps and reflectors etc. have not worn or get worse and ensure that your vehicle is safe for normal road use.

Therefore, whether you want to sell or register your car, you need a trustworthy provider who ensures you certificate of roadworthiness in Cranbourne like Hallam Road Automotive.

Just remember it’s better to be safe than never! Guarantee your safety by contacting us on (03) 9796 3637/0410 559 451!

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