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Roadworthy Certificate in Hampton Park

Is your car safe for driving on the roads? Find out by letting us inspect it for its roadworthiness!

Hallam Road Automotive has licensed authority for issuing a roadworthy certificate against the car owned by our customers from Hampton Park. We are your truthful inspectors of your car to determine its roadworthiness.

We totally understand that as a passionate car owner, you may be attentive about its repair and maintenance, and hence feel yourself to be quiet sure about its roadworthiness. As there is a situation like if you want to sell your car than it is mandatory that you require a roadworthy certificate. So, for all your requirements we are here to help you out by offering Certificate of roadworthiness.

Our roadworthy test standards are issued by VicRoads who awards it after testing the vehicle thoroughly which includes checking of all glass and windows in the vehicle, the structure and integration of the vehicle, tyres, wheels, suspension, steering and braking systems, all seat/seat belts, windscreen and its wipers or washers etc. This RWC helps to decrease the number of unsafe vehicles on the road that is responsible to endanger the lives of others.

Do you live in Hampton Park? Visit Hallam Road Automotive to get your vehicle tested! The cost of RWC depends on the type, age and condition of the vehicle. So, for a detailed information regarding RWC in Hampton Park call us on (03) 9796 3637/0410 559 451!

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